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Top 4th of July Jello Shots

You can’t have a truly 4th of July Jello experience without red, white, and blue tricolor Jello shots.

The Rocket’s Red Dare

This is a bit more complicated than some of the concoctions but the end result is a real stunner. The raspberry and blueberry layers contain luscious summer berries and the whole thing is tied together around a central vanilla layer with a black currant vodka kick. jellatio

Red, Whipped & Blue

Another variation on the color theme, this shot uses Malibu rum combined with watermelon and blueberry jellos. Then, adds a dollop of whip cream on top to fill out the traditional color combo…and make them extra delicious. kristimurphy

Firecracker Tricolor Jello Shots

In this recipe, a cherry is inserted, stem up, into the top layer of the shooter, so they look as good as your fireworks! These are a bit more time consuming to prepare, but your guests won’t waste any time consuming them, so make sure you make plenty. This recipe includes a kid-friendly version too so that all ages can participate in the fun. patriotic-jello-shots

Royale 4th of July Jello Shots

One look at these and you will know you need them. Royale 4th of July Jello Shots, as the name implies, these are these are the royalty of patriotic jellied concoctions. Made in mini or regular muffin pans, these eight-layered shots take the colors will impress even the most jaded of guests while still leaving you with enough energy to bask in their compliments. dessert-jello-shots If you are looking to deconstruct your colors try these in any combination you’d like:

Blueberry Martini Jello Shots

These are truly uptown (the original recipe is from Bar Nineteen 12 in LA) but have adapted to production on a smaller scale. Gelatin set in an ice tray, mixed with Stoli Blueberry vodka, gets its color from a few blueberries dropped into each mold. Take a good look now because they’ll be gone before you know it! blueberry-martini-jello-shots

Blue Christmas Jello Shots

It’s true that these were designed for Christmas but they are good enough for a six-month anniversary. Made with curacao, champagne, and marshmallows you won’t be accused of slacking in your efforts to create a patriotic salute through the power of taste. blue-christmas-jello-shots

Red Cosmopolitan Shots

Like bright red lipstick and blue jeans, the cosmopolitan cocktail can be the height of casual sophistication. This jello shot takes all of that and pours it into a bite-sized delicacy. Even if you can’t have your own fireworks display, these orange-flavored vodka creations will brighten up everyone’s evening. cosmopolitan-jelly-shots

Red Greyhound Jello Shots

This recipe from cherylstyle offers both a regular or sugar free trip to sweet and sour heaven. Garnished with a raspberry and filled with grapefruit flavor your guests won’t see this coming…and won’t stop coming back for more. grapefruit-jello-shot-recipe-cherylstyle

White Coconut Cream Jello Shots

For the coconut fanatic, here is another way to work the delicacy into the festivities from Mix with condensed milk and Malibu coconut rum and you’ve got a creamy coconut heaven. You won’t have to work hard to make these – or to watch them disappear. Coconut-Cream-Jello-Shots

White Tiramisu Jello Shots

Okay, technically, [White] Tiramisu Jello Shots are only white on top, but they are so scrumptious that any stickler will soon have their mouth so full they won’t be able to argue. These shots are truly decadent creations with rich chocolate, Kahlua, and rum flavors, you simply must try them – I insist! Tiramisu Jello Shots

Red & Blue Firecracker Jello Shots

These little goodies from theaveragegirlsguide don’t just look like firecrackers, they feel like them! The addition of pop rocks as a final touch create a shot that literally goes off in your mouth. Bring out your inner child (or make a virgin batch for the real kids) – it’s too fun to pass up! firecracker-jello-shots Nothing is as American as innovation. Show your pride, and impress your friends, with these unique summer-ready creations.

Cranberry Ginger Smash Jelly Shots

The gelatin experts at the JellyShot Test Kitchen worked long and hard to develop these pink dandies. Not for the faint of heart, these shots combine cranberries, ginger root, ginger flavored vodka, and lemonade with apple schnapps. The ingredients however belie their easy assembly, leaving you with plenty of energy to enjoy your party! cranberry-ginger-smash-jelly-shots

Mojito Jello Shots

On a sultry summer night, a cool mojito can bring the zing back to even the most languid of guests. These minty creations are made inside of the lime rind, spiked with white rum, and sprinkled with chopped fresh mint. And best of all – no dishes!


Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

For a shot that is as elegant as it is delicious, try these made by filling a sugar-rimmed strawberry with a tequila/Cointreau/strawberry Jello mixture that will leave you wishing you lived near your own strawberry patch. They take a little longer to solidify than most shots but you can make them the morning of and they are well worth the wait.


Lemon Drop Jelly Shots

Lemon drop jelly shots: These little beauties are served in mini cupcake wrappers, sprinkled with raw sugar. They are absolutely delicious and the detailed instructions mean that anyone can go from jello novice to master shot maker in no time.


Pisco Sour Jello Shots

These cool green shots from oregonlive are flavored with a brandy that knows how to deal with the heat and are the ultimate in refreshment for a hot summer’s eve. Topped with a bitters infused whipped cream and a curl of lime zest they offer a tangy bite followed by soothing sweet.


Patriotic Vegan Jello Shots

There’s no need for vegans or vegetarians to miss the jello shot experience. This recipe uses organic peach juice, fair trade sugar to flavor a vegan jelly colored with either peach schnapps, blue curacao, or grenadine to create the familiar stars and bars. If you really want to go green, you could always do away with the cups and serve them on mini-muffin wrappers or even a fruit rind!


A twist on the apple pie, these shots will add that traditional flavor to your 4th of July bash.

Apple Core Jello Shots

Apple core jello shots: These crisp flavored beauties carry the core of the sour apple…without the seeds. Unflavored gelatin mixed with sour apple schnapps is all it takes. It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it already!


Caramel Apple Jello Shots

This recipe from thatssomichelle promises luxurious flavor and boy does it deliver. A non-alcoholic version of the recipe is provided also so you can make a batch for the munchkins while the adults enjoy theirs with butterscotch schnapps or vodka.


Appletini Jello Shots

Flavored with apple juice and apple schnapps, these shots, from americancupcakeabroad, get their electric appearance from the addition of a small amount of food coloring. Topped with a dollop of whip cream and a sprinkle of edible gold glitter, these are deliciously glamorous!