Fourth of July celebrationsIndependence Day: America's Birthday

4th of July Songs

There are dozens of songs that have been written in praise or critique of the USA by people all over the world. Here we bring you a selection of some old favorites and new attractions. We hope to introduce you to some songs you hadn’t thought of and offer some fantastic versions of the standards.

Sing Along

Get your partygoers in the mood with these sing along favorites.

Martina McBride | Independence Day

Of the wreckage is born a powerful woman, an American story of triumph in the face of adversity and rebirth from a torturous past. This song is a driving anthem that makes you want to sing along and leaves you feeling triumphant. You may have to play this more than once!

Don Mclean | American Pie

If you want a song that people cannot resist singing along to, this is it. It has been popular for long enough now that it’s hard to find an adult who doesn’t know at least a little bit of the song. This live version brings the song a new dimension for those who may have thought they were tired of it.

An American Girl | Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

This lively song will have everybody joining in on the refrain, even if this is the first time they have heard it. Petty is an artist who gives consistently fantastic live performances so you can use the studio cut or find one of the many extended live version available to change it up.

Born in the USA | Bruce Springsteen

It may be obvious, but really, it can’t be a 4th of July sing along without a word from the Boss. You may want to put on the whole album and just let it ride.

Surfin’ USA | The Beach Boys

It doesn’t get much more classically American than The Beach Boys. You may not be on the coast, but with this song you will hear the waves…of voices in singing along. It brings just the right level of melodic pep and simplicity of lyrics that you just may find The Twist spontaneously breaking out all over your party!


You simply can’t have a 4th of July playlist that does not include these!

America the Beautiful | Ray Charles

There is nothing that can be done that Ray Charles couldn’t do a bit better and this version of the classic is no exception. In this live version, Charles brought soul and his flawless rhythm to this truly enjoyable take that leaves you feeling like you have just heard it for the first time.

America the Beautiful | Frank Sinatra

Close your eyes and be transported back to mid-century America as Old Blue Eyes croons a version of this song that makes you feel like you’re listening to a love song rather than old-fashioned patriotic praise.

Star Spangled Banner | Jimi Hendrix

For a trip to another time, and possibly another dimension, put on this live version of the national anthem and let Jimi’s guitar sing its way through psychedelic patriotism.

Star Spangled Banner | Vladimir Ashkenazy

If you are just looking for the musical accompaniment, it’s hard to beat internationally recognized, grammy-award-winning piano powerhouse Vladimir Ashkenazy.

Star Spangled Banner | Jack Black

There are so many versions of the Star Spangled Banner that it’s hard to limit the list. This one is special though because it is a cappella AND it’s Jack Black. And he’s not kidding around.

Star Spangled Banner | José Feliciano

This is a rockin’ good version of the national anthem. In stark contrast to the many overly sentimentalized versions, this feels faster than it is. They make this into a song that might just be party ready no matter when!

Stars and Stripes Forever | Bill Elliot’s Swingorchestra

Living up to their name, this version brings that big brass sound with style with swing. This instantly recognizable classic will ring loud and clear and is a must have for any celebration of American independence!

New Music

If you are looking to add some new life in with the enjoyment of the oldies but goodies, these songs will fill out your playlist and give it that extra mile.

America | Imagine Dragons

From the same album as their smash hit Radioactive, this melancholy but sweetly hopeful song is a refreshing addition to the 4th of July playlist. It touches on some truly American themes such as debt and lost soldiers but in the context of searching for a better future as part of something larger than the individual.

Made In America | Cimorelli

A cross between Ke$ha and Avrile Lavigne, Cimorelli’s Made In America is good, clean fun. Perfect for the younger audience whether they are part of a bigger party or having their own (supervised) fun.

Made in the USA | Demi Lovato

It’s easy to like this song. Demi’s song is fun and filled with enough melodic pep to keep everybody nodding along. This is a song that will be popular with teens while being fun for adults too.

USA | Dubioza Kolektiv

This fantastic tribute to the American Dream by a hip Bosnian band combines a driving melody and a catchy beat that is sure to at least have people tapping the sides of their glasses if not dancing on the furniture.

Dance Music

If these songs don’t start your guests dancing, you must have forgotten to invite anybody!

América | Los Tigres del Norte

The America spoken of in this song spans the Northern and Southern continents but its message of unity and pride combined with its irresistible rhythm make it perfect for a 4th of July party. We come from all over but America is an idea that is bigger than any territory…so dance!

America | Nick Cannon (feat. Pitbull)

This love song for America has a pumping beat that will cause you to tap your feet while celebrating her birthday. Part rhythm and blues, part hip-hop the song is filled with references to American history and pop culture and it’s clean enough to listen to with the kids.

America | The Shoes

French synth-pop might not be where you would first look for Independence Day music, but this hipster duo has layered a vibe that will pick up even those too cool to enjoy the 4th. Keep this one in your back pocket, ready to breathe new life in to an event or just to keep the party going.

We No Speak Americano | Yolada Be Cool & DCup

Electro-swing at its catchiest, this song is absolutely infectious. The bouncy rhythm and catchy melody has just the right lift to set the mood whether you are hanging with friends at a backyard BBQ or mixing it up at a 4th of July Martini fest. Fun for all ages the only time you’ll be sorry is when it’s over!