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4th of July Hair Bow and Hair Accessories

Whether you are a hardcore handicrafter or prefer the ease of one-click ordering your fashions, we’ve brought together a variety of options that can satisfy all of your need for Independence Day accessorizing. So wait no longer – get out there and show your colors! 

To Buy

It should come as no surprise that the folks at have the perfect hair bow for every occasion and the 4th is no exception. Their patriotic hair bow is more than just an accessory – it’s an occasion all by itself!


Hairbows Galoreis your one-stop hair accessory superstore with a darling selection of simple but sweet 4th of July bows. Whether you want stripes, American flag hearts, patriotic stars, or all of the above you can find it here and wear it with pride.


Rosey Bear Boutique offers small, medium, or large bows in the traditional stars and stripes or in a tri color polka dot. These hair accessories are lively enough for a 4th of July picnic or chic enough for tea in white gloves.


To add a patriotic note to your hair, without messy dyes, snap in this patriotic hair extension. What a fun way to show your colors! Party City has some:


If you need to gussy up your little one, JuDanzy has everything you need to turn them into a pampered patriot. The hair clips come in a variety pack of colors so after the 4th you still have more options to explore!


Power Bows knows what it takes to make a bow that can last through a cheer or dance routine and still look as good as new. This power petite bow can go for as long as its lucky wearer and will still look perky long after she has nodded off.


An easy fix to patriotic hair anxiety is the old standby: the flag bandana. This works well for all ages and is designed to be wearable in a variety of styles while still showing all three colors. At $11.95 on ustoy for a dozen your whole family can wear them!


If you would prefer a head wrap, the Star Spangled Danbanna Deluxe from theflagshirt is sure to please. No frills and no frippery, this wrap is just high quality fabric and an absorbent terrycloth sweatband for some serious Independence Day activities.


This headband puts on its own fireworks display with stars and sparkles on springy stalks that shimmer as you move your head. The headband is covered in cloth for extra comfort…because once it is on, you won’t want to take it off!

Firework Headband

If you have a larger budget and you simply must be the talk of the town, you can’t go wrong with a customized creation by Esemee. These beauties require some lead-time but you’ll look like you just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine.


To Make

Honey Moser has given highly detailed instructions on how to add paper quilling to hair clips. The clips are super cute and the craft is addictive – you may start with hair clips, but I guarantee you won’t want to stop there!


Finger woven scrunchies are a quick and easy way to add a bit of the spirit of ’76 to your ‘do. The instructions on are clear and simple – in only six steps you’ll go from supplies to finished masterpiece.


This adorably glitzy fascinator would be at home on any princess. seren-zipitydoda includes a list of the supplies used in its creation and you supply the personalization. These beauties will help you get accustomed to the glamorous life of a royal!


If you want detailed instructions about how to make a wide variety of bows, from slick-and-simple to no-frills-barred, check out this website which offers both video and written instructions. Once you know what you want to do – you can easily order all of the supplies in red, white, and blue.


This down-to-earth mom on a budget takes a rye look at hair bands in her blog posting and gives fantastic instructions on how to make your own for a fraction of the cost of buying them. With 20 yards of elastic she made 80 hairbands – it truly was cheaper by the dozen!


These simple instructions for ‘korker’ bows will let you turn them out at professional quality in no time. Buy the ribbon in red, white, and blue and you’ll be on your way to decorative patriotism in no time. These fun, multi-colored collections of corkscrew ribbon will have everyone talking and their only secret is that they were home made!


If you have let your fear of the sewing machine get in between you and hair bow heaven, look no further than this no-sew do it yourself bow. You can buy the fabric in patriotic colors and they come out so easily that it’s addictive…so just make sure you stop yourself in time to enjoy the 4th of the July party!